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Do you remember that feeling as a child when you received an award? The new pristine shiny badge or beautiful trophy; when you were ‘bursting’ with pride?

It may not have been easy to achieve, demonstrating resilience and perseverance; collaborating with others and showing empathy along the way; it may have taken real focus and dedication, even causing you to reflect on how to get the best out of yourself and it may even have meant you had to take a risk, but all your efforts paid off.  At Kitebrook these are all qualities that we encourage within the children daily, helping them to achieve their best and be rewarded for their successes.

Along with all the accolades the pupils can achieve within their subject-led areas, the children are also encouraged to achieve through the merit system; a system that rewards both the individual and their group. There are four merit groups: Ash, Beech, Cedar and Oak. Every child in the school belongs to one and children may be rewarded for their efforts in perseverance, empathy, focus, resilience, collaboration, self-reflection and risk taking. Termly the merits are collated and the winning group wins a prize. Individuals who excel in collecting merits also receive a coveted shell.

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