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Oral English

Kitebrook was one of the first schools to take the English Speaking Board exams – known affectionately as OE (Oral English). These Oral English exams are now part of the inherent fabric of our school, giving the children the confidence to speak in public – a skill and an asset they take with them into their lives forever.

The structure of these exams hasn’t changed over the years – each child: gives a talk (the length of the talk and the guidelines as to its content vary with each year group), reads an extract chosen by the examiner from a chapter of a book they have particularly enjoyed, recites a learned poem or piece of drama, and marks are also awarded for their ability to ask and answer questions. The children are always anxious the first time they take these exams, usually wish they could do them all over again immediately afterwards, but then always look forward to OE exams the next year.

The standards are particularly high, with a large number of distinctions being awarded and with the school having such a reputation that ESB examiners enjoy being able to return.

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