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Visitors to Kitebrook often comment upon the politeness of our pupils which they see from the first time they tour the School. Our pupils will greet you with a smile and friendly hello or good morning and are always eager to share with you what they have been learning about. They have learned to step aside for grown-ups, to hold a door as they walk through, to be quiet and respectful when expected and to converse with confidence.

We place a strong emphasis on nurturing our pupils to become polite, respectful individuals who are able to think for themselves, exercise self-control and conduct themselves confidently with poise, integrity and grace. We believe these lifelong skills are essential ingredients in developing well-rounded individuals who are able to positively participate in and contribute to their community and wider society.

In our Early Years and Lower School, pupils learn the foundations of respect, table manners, sharing and taking turns. The magic words of “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” and “may I” are always expected. Pupils are taught how to greet visitors and are always dismissed with a hand shake and good afternoon with their form tutor at the end of the school day. As our pupils move through the school, they learn how to introduce themselves, conduct themselves in interviews, be gracious guests and hosts and to show appreciation. Our yearly English Speaking Board examinations provide a wonderful opportunity to develop many of these skills and are taken by pupils from Years 1 to 8.

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