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Rising Fuel Prices Drive Pupils to Geography Challenge Victory

Aspiring Year 5 Geographers at Kitebrook Preparatory School celebrate after being crowned victors in the first St Edward’s, Oxford, Geography Challenge.

Seeing an opportunity to design a scheme of work around the contest, the current Year 5 cohort were taught a new unit of work about transport, looking at its history and how carbon emissions affect the environment. The competition, held at St Edward’s School, challenged pupils to create a graphic representation poster displaying research about ‘The Future of Transport’, with schools from across the neighbouring counties submitting their ideas.

With two Kitebrook teams and their posters making the final, six children were lucky enough to present their information, data and knowledge to a panel of judges, including Dr Debbie Hopkins, Associate Professor of Human Geography at Oxford University and Warden of St Edward’s school, Mr Alistair Chirnside.

Praised for the beautiful illustrations and hand drawn artwork, team one offered excellent references to data and the environmental impact during their presentation about electric cars versus petrol cars. Overall winners, team two, unveiled their ideas about the extremely topical increase in fuel costs, offering an impressive balance of research data to imagery, clinching victory with their confident presentation skills and expertly produced graph illustrating the steep economic curve.

The beautiful winner's trophy, which will reside at Kitebrook for the next year, also has a geographical connection. Made from a yew tree felled from St Edward’s as part of a development project, the wood was repurposed in conjunction with their commitment to sustainability. All finalists were presented with a commemorative disc, made from the same wood.

Upper School Geography teacher Mrs Tessa Organ said: “I am delighted with how our Year 5 children have engaged with this curriculum topic, and it has been particularly wonderful to showcase their work amongst some incredibly talented finalists.

"The six children who attended St Edward’s were a credit to the school and we are extremely proud to return with the Geography Challenge winners trophy”.

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